Causes of Fatigue after Gastric Bypass Surgery


It’s normal to be tired a lot for the first several weeks after gastric bypass surgery.  You’re recovering from major surgery, you’re not getting many calories, and you may not be getting enough protein yet, as well.  It takes a while for the anesthesia to leave your system and if you’re still taking pain medication, that can cause fatigue, as well.  So can many medications for nausea.  If you’re more than a couple months post-op, though, and find yourself feeling exhausted all the time, it’s time to start trying to figure out what’s going on.  Of course, you should talk to your doctor, but here are some possibilities to consider.

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency – B12 levels below 550 usually cause fatigue, along with other symptoms like depression and trouble concentrating
  • Vitamin D deficiency – vitamin D levels below 80 can cause fatigue in some people
  • Iron deficiency – when checking for iron deficiency, consider your ferritin level (that’s your iron storage) as well as your total iron, or iron serum, level
  • Dehydration – even mild dehydration can cause fatigue
  • Lack of protein in the diet – most gastric bypass patients need a minimum of 60 grams protein daily, and many need quite a bit more than that
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Various hormonal disorders
  • Side effect of many medications, including pain meds, antidepressants, medications for nausea, and medications for anxiety
  • Depression
  • Not eating enough calories
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